Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission fee?

There is no fee to come to Lazer Lanes.

Do you have an ATM?

No, sorry for any inconveniences. We do accept all credit cards, cash and in-state checks with valid ID/information.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes. If you have 8+ people in your group, you will receive a 10% discount.

How do I book a birthday party or special event?

You can now easily book a party online! Click on the “Book Now” button and it will help you reserve your party step-by-step – and all of your questions will be answered there. You can also inquire about private events.

What is the minimum number of children required to book a birthday party?

You must have at least 8+ children to schedule a party (including the birthday kid).

How far in advance should I book a birthday party?

Two weeks in advance would be best, but the earlier the better because party slots fill up very quickly.

What do we have to bring on the day of our scheduled birthday party?

You are in charge of bringing any cake, cupcakes, or ice cream. We have napkins, cups, plates, and plastic-ware except spoons. Remember to bring a knife to cut the cake and if you plan on bringing candles, don’t forget the lighter! We provide a decorative tablecloth, but you are welcome to bring additional decorations except birthday confetti, glitter, pinatas and silly string.

If I didn’t schedule a party and am just walking in, can I bring a cake?

Yes – you must bring in your own paper products, but please remember, we do not allow any other outside food or beverage.

Can I bring outside food or drinks into the building?

No, we do not permit outside food or drinks – but you can bring a cake. If you are looking for something to eat, check out our Pin Jam Cafe (Open Thursday-Sunday) Jose Jalapenos is connected to our building if you want to dine in also.

Can I make a reservation for bowling or laser tag?

We only take walk-ins at our facility – it is first come, first served. But don’t worry, if there is a wait we will still definitely get you on a lane or in a laser tag game! The only exception to this policy are birthday parties or large events.

Do you sell socks for bowling?

Yes, we sell socks in all sizes and colors.

How many lanes do you have?

We have 12 lanes.

How many people can you fit on one lane?

We can fit up to 10 people on a lane. We normally have 6-8 on a lane due to comfort-ability.

Do you have bowling leagues?

No, we only have open bowling, unless there is a private event scheduled, which you can find on our home page under News from Us.

Can I use my own bowling ball and shoes?

Yes, however, we are not responsible for any damages of any kind.

Are you handicapped accessible?

Yes, we are handicapped accessible.

Can my two-year old bowl for free?

Yes, any kids under 3 years-old are free.

Do you have ramps and bumpers?

Yes, we have ramps and bumpers if needed.

Is there a weight limit on bumper cars?

Yes, 350 pounds is the max weight to ride.

How many people can ride the bumper cars at a time?

We have 8 single-rider cars.

Is there an age limit to play laser tag and bumper cars?

Players must be at least 6 years old and 44″ tall due to the size and weight of the vests and other equipment. The equipment is very expensive and we need to keep it and others safe. Alternative activities for children under the age of 6 are bowling, the arcade, and lazer frenzy.

Can my little one ride in the bumper car with me?

No, kids must be 6 years old and 44″ tall due to safety restrictions.

How long is a laser tag game?

Laser tag missions are 10 minutes long.

Can my little one go inside the laser tag arena with me?

Yes, all kids under 6 years old and 44 inches tall may go inside, but not wear a vest.

How many people can play laser tag at a time?

We have 20 vests, give or take one that is under maintenance.

Is there a viewing room for laser tag?

We have TVs on the outside or you can step inside the arena if you would like.

Do you provide storage for purses or personal items when I play laser tag?

Yes, we have cabinets to store personal belongings and hooks for jackets. However, we cannot be hold responsible for lost or stolen items.

Is there a dress code to play laser tag?

Shoes must be worn at all times when in the arena. Remember that the arena has black lights in it, so white or bright colored clothing will glow and darker clothes will help you blend in!

Will other people be playing in our laser tag game?

It depends on if it is busy or not. If it is busy, we will put you with other groups to help shorten the wait time for everyone in line. We can put up to 10 people on each team. The more people in a game, the more fun it is! If you come in on a weekend, you will probably be playing with other people!

Is there a reason why my laser tag gun isn’t shooting?

You probably are not holding it with two hands. Remember to pay attention to the instructions the staff member gives you before the game! That is very important. If you have any questions during the game, come out and ask the staff member – they are there to make sure you have a great time!

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