Our Arcade is the largest in mid-Missouri, with over 40 bright, shiny new games to enjoy. We have old favorites like Ice Ball and Super Shot Basketball, along with some super fast driving games which complement our newest attractions – Crazy Tower and Hoopla.

It just doesn’t get any better than this with our newly installed Play Card system. You buy a card once ($1.00) at the Front Desk or one of our new Kiosks, along with loading your card with credits to play. Then you are on your way. Just swipe the card once at the game you choose and play. Tickets that you win are automatically transferred to your Lazer Lanes Play Card. How easy is that?

But Keep your card for your return visits! As you buy more credits and play more games, you are on your way to our VIP status, where every time you visit you receive a 20% discount on the Arcade games. Wonders never cease to amaze!

This system also allows us to have Arcade Specials during the year.

Lazer Lanes Play Card Ticket Categories

$1.00 ONE-TIME ONLY to buy your play card. But don’t lose it!
$5.00 – 20 Credits
$10.00 – 40 Credits
$20.00 – 80 Credits PLUS 20 Bonus Credits = 100 total credits!
$50.00 – 200 Credits PLUS 100 Bonus Credits = 300 total credits!!
$100.00 – 400 Credits PLUS 300 Bonus Credits = 700 total credits!!!

Once you pay and play a total of 1000 credits, you receive VIP status and 20% Discount on all Arcade games after that!!!! Now do you see why it is important to: KEEP YOUR PLAY CARD!
Our games require anywhere between 1 – 7 credits to play (1 credit = 1 quarter)