Bumper Cars

Yes, we are sorry we got rid of Glow Golf. However, we think we have found something better and more exciting. Something everyone has probably already done and is longing to do again. Yep, BUMPER CARS have arrived at Lazer Lanes!

It’s called “SPIN ZONE” for obvious reasons you will realize when you mount up. Lazer Lanes prides itself on having more SOUND AND LIGHTS AND FUN than anyone around. And our “SPIN ZONE BUMPER CARS” do not disappoint!

How can an electric motor create all this movement-forward, backward, spin right, spin left? Let’s leave that to the engineers.

Climb aboard. Enjoy the ride. Re-discover the feelings of our youth.

We need to bottle this FUN and take it home. This is truly a JOY and has quickly become another “ANCHOR ATTRACTION” at Lazer Lanes.


$4.00 per person per game
Special offers and rates will be listed in the News from Us section on the home page.